MATH 220 Review

Tutoring by Donations

I am providing private tutoring by donations. I am accepting 5-35 dollars per one hour session. You can either e-transfer me or send me a receipt for a donation to a charity of your choice. I aim to give 1-2 one hour sessions by donation each week, first come first served. To sign up for a session, fill out the following form. I will email you to confirm the details and set up a meeting in person or via zoom.

My primary intention for doing tutoring by donations is to make private tutoring more accessible, so please do not feel pressured to donate more than you can, any amount is appreciated ❤ And honestly it makes me happy just to be able to teach you. I established a minimum of 5 dollars because I think that is an amount that most students are comfortable with, and is a baseline amount that will make me feel that my time is being appreciated. The fee can be waived for students in financial hardships if it’s prefaced in the booking form.

If you choose to e-transfer to me, I will most likely make it to the Canadian Red Cross Health Equipment Loan Program Vancouver depot, where I volunteer. (online donations don’t go directly there so I can bring it in person) At the depot we provide free medical equipment loans to patients that can help them live independently and with dignity. Your donations will help the depot purchase more medical equipment, sanitary tools, etc. Read more about the program here. There were also times when I’ve made the donation to ongoing charity events, such as the EUS food drive.

You can alternatively donate online to a charity of your choice and send me the receipt. Some recommendations are:

Canadian Red Cross | Doctors without Borders | WAVAW Rape Crisis Centre | BC SPCA

Teaching on YouTube

Some video illustrations on electromagnetism/multivariate calculus upon request. (there are minor calculation, copying errors, please ignore ;-;)

Below are several playlists, be sure not to miss the other videos in the same playlist ^-^

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