Teaching on Youtube

Some video illustrations on electromagetism upon request.

Below is a playlist, be sure not to miss the other videos!!

Tutoring by Donations

I am providing private tutoring by donations to the Canadian Red Cross due to some equity considerations. I am accepting 5-35 dollars per one hour session. (absolutely no pressure to give more than you can/want to. the purpose of doing this is to make private tutoring more accessible. any amount of donation is appreciated. <3) I aim to give 1-2 one hour sessions by donation each week, first come first served. To sign up for a session, email me at francisapply@gmail.com or contact me to discuss time and materials you would like me to go through.

Although I can techinically teach some other courses, I’m only providing by donation sessions for the courses I’m super comfortable teaching so I don’t have to put in too much prepartion time. Currently, these courses are: 1) MATH 220; 2) BMEG 220; 3) MATH 320 but only the point set topology part ;-;

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