Axiomatic kitten

Before I got kitten axiom, I decided I needed to have a talk with koala. Because you always have to have a conversation with your first born when you are adding a new member to your family. So I sat her down and I was like: “meow, meow meow meow.”

She replied: “meow….”

But then I said: “ meow meow, meow meow meow meow meow. Meow meow meow.” And there we’ve reached an agreement.

Then here she is, little axiom smellycakes.

I had to quarantine little axiom from koala because neither of them were fully vaccinated. Axiom was scared for an hour or so. But as soon as food was served and she was well fed, she began to wonder around curiously. She circled around me and let her soft, warm fluff rustle on my skin. I became convinced that she is the best being in the universe, and should be kissed daily.

Little axiom eats well. I like that in a girl. But I was surprised. I heard most kittens do not adapt fast enough in new environments and would refuse to eat for days.

Little axiom is ferocious. A couple of times when I opened the door, koala hissed at axiom. I’ve never heard koala hiss before then. It was a lovable, scared little hiss. As if it’s forced, her wide-eyed facial expression didn’t change, her body shrunk into a ball, her little claws placed nervously before her chest. Understandable. Koala is all bubblegum and tulip. I mean look at her.

Then one time axiom hissed back. Her adorable little face squinched together in a fury. And koala retreated several steps, her eyes fixed on this fearful little creature, only nearly half her size.

Had to snuggle with koala after that to reassure her that she’s still my little princess and that she is under my protection.

9.25: Dani and I decided that little axiom’s middle name should be eurydice, because she’s always so hungry. axiom eurydice smellycakes.

9.27: Little axiom came out of quarantine. She’s been sleeping besides me. She’s still a bit smelly even after she stopped taking naps in her litter box.

10.3: Koala groomed little axiom, it was such a lovely sight.

11.27: axiom grew into the habit of bringing random garbage onto my bed — a plastic straw, a hair band, a torn feather from her cat toy. And when I arrive home she sits besides it all proud: “mama look what I hunted for you!” axiom is worried I’ll starve without her, sweet kitty.

Axiom being all cool for the internet

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