About uki

Things I like

  • mathematics
  • algorithms
  • yellow roses
  • teaching
  • jumping randomly
  • writing
  • singing off-pitch
  • staring at red panda pictures
  • obsessively cleaning
  • making random recipes
  • making lists

Things I don’ t like

  • “enTrePRENeneURshiP” (:
  • JavaScript
  • being an adult

Short Curriculum Vitae

University of British Columbia
Biomedical Engineering and Minor in Honours Mathematics
2018 – 2023

The Alma Mater Society of UBC Vancouver (AMS) Group Tutor and Appointment Tutor
International Student Mentor at OneClass
Research Assistant at UBC MATH
Supervisor: Colin Macdonald
(Mathematical biology, fixed point iterations in numerical analysis, and writing multivariate calculus problems for an online problem bank)
2021 Jan-2021 Sep
Teaching Assistant at UBC
MATH 253 Multivariate Calculus (2021 S1)
MATH 253 Multivariate Calculus (2021 Fall)
BMEG 220 Circuits and Electromagnetics with Application to Biomedical Engineering (2022 Spring)
WLI Research Award at UBC MATH
Supervisor: Leah Keshet
2022 May-2022 Aug

Red Cross Health Equipment Loan Program (HELP) Client Services Volunteer
WAVAW Rape Crisis Center Emotional Support Volunteer


My interests center upon the foundation of mathematics and mathematical education, I am known for giving unsolicited math lectures to my friends^ I’ve been fascinated with how mathematics as a discipline has been so heavily influenced by the society. I aim to explore the history of mathematics as well as to test the ground stones where math is built upon.

Regarding mathematical education, I have constantly questioned how well the present education systems work to trigger students’ interest in math, specifically, I worry about the limited scope and the rigidity of teaching materials. I decided to take an alternative approach, namely, gamification of mathematical theories and illustrative demonstrations on the history of mathematics, to offer more options to individuals who may find it helpful. The game is currently under development.

I love reading. Visit my Notion page for the reading list I started in 2019.

Some Random Facts

  • I actively think about what to have for dinner throughout the afternoon
  • I took four years to graduate high school, because I spent one year devoted to and semi-supported myself through competitive gaming
  • I like submitting things way before their deadlines for some reasons
  • I applied to the bachelors of applied science not knowing it meant engineering, I thought it’s just like fancy science or whatever… was very confused when I went into first year and everyone called me an engineer.

The kittens