The above code snippet is a submission from the International Obfuscated C Code Contest.


(which I haven’t finished writing yet ;-;)

On the topic of mathematical education

“The most obvious and easy things in mathematics are not those that come logically at the beginning; they are things that, from the point of view of logical deduction, come somewhere in the middle.”

Book recommendations from 2020

Coming end of the year 2020, I would like to write a short post about the books I’ve enjoyed the most out of the 40 books I’ve read throughout this year.

Aram’s Bed Time Stories

“With these knives inside your chest, there is no way you can perform an ambient isotopy. You’re a dead ghost.” Bob the finance guy grinned.

“That’s good thinking,” the ghost replied calmly, “but have you considered the possibility that I might not be a torus to start with?”

Teaching and Tutoring Services

Providing some video illustrations and private tutoring sessions by donation.

Making a web application in Rust

Isolated Singularities

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions^